Cindy Blevins is known world-wide for the original harp music she writes.  Her large and diverse body of work includes harp solos (lap harp to pedal harp, music for every harpist and every harp playing event,) learn to play materials, ensembles and commissioned work.  Her "Feast of Favorites" and "Easy Favorites Series" books have been hailed by harpists for their lovely, playable, unique, Blevins-esque approach to hymns, Christmas music, classical pieces, and folk tunes.  She is also known for her lessons by phone, which encompass harp playing, fingering, coaching on musicality or theory, and pretty much anything a harp or other music student needs coaching on.

She is also available for lessons in-studio by appointment.

To get to her e-Commerce music site, CLICK HERE You can view and listen to hundreds of music samples, read lots of good information, purchase books, sheet music downloads (there are hundreds and each has a sample to look at,) eBooks and recordings, piano books, clarinet studies, Native American flute materials, and even a new book of arrangements for harp and mandolin.   The website is a treat, so stop on by and take a look. 

You can also purchase string sets, tuning keys and other harp-related items online.

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