We don't have much choice when it comes to our strap fabric, therefore, we do not offer a choice.   The picture below shows our strap, but the fabric can change without notice.  Our straps are 43" from end to end, with a 12" "doubled up" area, making the strap adjustable by another 12".  You can also adjust it to be shorter. The shoulder pad is 20" long and can be put exactly where you need it for comfort. When you purchase a strap with a harp, we install the hardware on the harp (see bottom pics.)  Please call or email to order. 

Complete strap system, with all hardware installed, strap and shoulder pad provided, $119.00.  StrapLok hardware system only, installed on the harp before shipping, you provide the strap and pad, we provide all hardware, $49.00.    Please call or email for current postage rate for straps ordered separately from a harp.

Please note that straps are not intended as a support to unconditionally and continuously bear the full weight of a harp.  Straps are meant to help stabilize a harp as you are sitting and playing, but not for support while transporting or walking about.  An exception to this rule might be a light-weight lap harp of 6 pounds or less.   *Regardless of your harp's weight, please be aware that any man-made material can fail, even under routine use, so any shoulder strap should be routinely inspected for potential problems, while always remembering to help hold the weight of your harp while walking around.  This awareness will prevent potential damage to your harp should a shoulder strap ever fail. 

*We are not responsible for harp damage caused by broken straps or strap hardware, so please always monitor the condition and function of new or used straps and the connected lock system.

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