This video shows most of our lap harp models.

Shown above, all in a row, beginning from the left:  Eden 29 (cherry wood), Eden 29 (walnut wood), Eden 26 (cherry wood), Bourree 26 (walnut wood), Cameo 28 (walnut wood), Cameo 26 (cherry wood), Cameo 26 (walnut wood) and a Mirage 26 (stained).

This photograph is from our Netherlands dealer, who can be found by clicking here.

Scroll down and click on a box below to view, hear, and read the stats on each model.  Thinking about a "beginner harp?" (CLICK HERE) 

We can price out any lever configuration you wish, you are not stuck with deciding only between "full levers" or "CFB levers." Let us know if you are considering something different.

Introducing "Le-Stik." Easily attaches to the back of your lap harp like a lap bar, extends to the floor to support the harp! Adjustable height, comes with slip case.  Turns your lap harp into a comfortable "floor harp."  Click here

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