Our carbon fiber hybrid Bourree 28, 6.45 pounds with full Truitt levers.    The blue one above is pictured in its new home.  You can have one in burgundy, black, white, almond, or regal blue (see photo).   We may have other color options, but there are not a lot of colors available.   If you have something in mind, please ask.  You can have a stand made to match.  Contact us to discuss the possibilities.  The second picture shows the carbon fiber texture on the arm, it is really lovely up close. 

Listen to the burgundy harp pictured below.  This clip was recorded when the harp was strung only three days.   The harp is is already developing a lovely mellow sound.   This harp feels great when you play it.   Not only is it very light for its size and string range, but the string tension is just right.  Not at all "loose," and not "tight." mellow feeling as it is mellow sounding.  This harp's new owner drove across several states to play this harp when it was newly strung, and fell totally in love with it.   And here is what she had to say several weeks later: 

"Well, it's time for me to provide my input on my new harp:  Thank you so very much for building such a wonderful instrument!  Its voice is lovely, although I realize it is still developing.  From the first time I tuned it and played, it has been everything I always wanted!  It is so very light weight and just the right size for me and I love, LOVE having the low tones. "  Lynda F, WA
Hello Cindy and Dwight~

"My beautiful Blevin's Bourrée has arrived (hybrid 28).  Nice job boxing it up!  It arrived safely and perfectly.  I am busy bringing it up to tune, admiring the look, feel, and sound of it!  I am actually amazed at the tone, which I know will only get better as the soundboard ages a bit...but it sounds wonderful right out of the starting gate!  What a wonderful experience this has been...thank you both!"  Karen S, CA

Our carbon fiber hybrid Bourree 28 has an arm and pillar of spruce and carbon fiber, and a sound box of spruce or butternut.  This retains the full resonance of the wood for sound, but with substantial weight reduction.  The carbon fiber hybrid harp must be painted, but can have a natural sound board (recommended) or a sound board painted to match.  We are pretty open to your color choice, so feel free to give us a call (or email us) to discuss colors.

The Bourree 28 carbon fiber hybrid harp weighs approximately 6.5 pounds with full levers. 

Dimensions:  37" at longest point (pillar).  Height to top of the sound box (playing side) is 29.5".    The widest "front to back" width is 23", and the sound box is 9.5" at the bottom.

Range: 28 strings, F (1.5 octaves below Middle C) up to e. 

String Spacing at Middle C: 14 mm (What does this mean? CLICK HERE)

Please note:  If you prefer, you can have a Bourree 28 with a low note of G5 (1.5 octaves below middle C)  rather than F.   The range would be G5 up to f.   Price would not change.  Feel free to consult with us regarding the best string range for your purposes.

String Spacing at Middle C: 14 mm (What does this mean? CLICK HERE)

Pricing: (we will only put Truitt levers on our carbon fiber hybrid harps)

CFB Truitt levers: $2575.00

Full Truitt levers: $3190.00

Upgrade to gold-plated tuning pins, add $140.00

Options, not included in the above price:

Spare String Set $185.00
Padded Case$230.00
Shipping, Continental US (inquire for other shipping charges)$180.00

Optional Rosettes

Harp stand$150.00
Deluxe Padded Strap (hardware installed)    CLICK HERE FOR PRICING AND INFORMATION
Smoother carbon fiber (not as much texture)$125.00

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