(Regarding her Bourree 28 hybrid) "Hi Cindy, I am so happy with my little Bourree harp! Played her for patients during 3 different shifts this week. The strings are holding the tuning now and it sounds so warm and lovely already, despite its “newness". Received a number of compliments from patients and medical staff too. Several wanted to “touch” it and couldn’t believe it was carbon fiber. It has a very pleasant feel to it, not “plastic-y” at all, which is a nice surprise.

I think this harp will serve me very well in my work and otherwise. Thanks again for creating this beautiful instrument. I already put the word out on the IHTP FaceBook group site and a couple of colleagues have asked questions. Bottom line is that everybody who does this kind of work is looking for a great sounding, compact, light-weight harp with as many base strings as possible, and this one sure fits the bill!" Michaela B

"First of all, I am completely in love with my new carbon fiber hybrid harp.  The sound is exactly what I wanted, and the lightness is almost unbelievable.  I made my first therapy rounds with it this morning and it was very well received." Kris D (speaking about her Reve 34 in almond).

"Cindy & Dwight – I love my new harp!  The sound is wonderful, just like we remembered from when I played (a Reve 34) in March.  I have it tuned in Eb. It is a joy to play & hear."  Angi B, GA, about her new carbon fiber hybrid harp, the Reve 34.

(Scroll down for pictures of nine available colors.  Choose from those colors, or contact us for other options.)

The hybrid models we have so far are linked in the boxes below, so click on a box and you will get to the listing easily.

**30% deposit required for our hybrid harps.

Many harp players are drawn to the idea of light-weight harps, but some have objections to the sound of man-made synthetic materials, as compared to the natural resonance of traditional wood harps.

It is not our place to judge what a harp player may like regarding sound, but we do have a compromise solution which works quite well for those who would like to retain the advantages of both worlds.   That is, the great sound and warm resonance of wood, combined with the light weight of carbon fiber, polycarbon or other synthetic man-made materials.

More than half of the weight of any harp is contained in the harmonic arm and pillar structure.   The weight of this portion of the harp can basically be cut in half by use of man- made materials.   If the remaining portion of the harp is then constructed of wood, the sound quality is retained, but the overall weight of the entire harp is reduced by 25 to 30%.  The cost, though more than a comparative harp of wood construction, is still considerably less than that required to produce a full-blown harp of polycarbon materials.

Some may not like the necessity of having a harp that requires some part of the finish to be painted, but on the other hand, since this must be done, the soundbox can be made with one of the great acoustic woods, such as spruce, western cedar or even common pine, butternut or poplar.

Such species have long been used to produce the best sound resonance for musical instruments, and the very light density of these woods also promotes additional weight reduction.   In this regard, some of the traditional harps of ancient times used bog pine for the back of the harp, which was actually referred to as the soundboard.   So all things considered, our hybrid harp is a winning combination of light-weight harp and natural wood sound.

Our newest color, chosen by our customer is called Catalina Mist. It is a bit more greenish than bluish in person, very subtle, very beautiful. This is a Bourree 28 hybrid.

Below is our Bourree 28 hybrid in True Blue. You can have any of our hybrid models made in this color. This harp was photographed in the shade on a very bright day. The color is extremely vivid, but is toned down a bit when you are inside in normal lighting. It is very, very beautiful.

Below is a Marie 28 EX hybrid in "Sun Yellow." Photographed in bright sunshine.

Below is a Marie 28 EX hybrid in "Gum Drop." The slight color variations you see are just from the sunshine.

Below is our new Twilite 31 in "Bahama Sea."

Below is our Eden 26 carbon fiber hybrid, painted black.  


Below is shown our hybrid Marie harp in almond with natural sound board.   The lower picture shows a more true contrast of the paint and natural wood:

This is another color choice, "Regal Blue."  This harp is a Marie 27 FX (available through Bedside Harp only)

And this is our Bourree 28 carbon fiber hybrid in burgundy (the actual harp was not as "orange" looking as the picture, it is a really beautiful color.)

This Bourree 28 cf hybrid is shown in white with Truitt levers AND gold Truitt tuning pins.



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