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 The Cameo 26 is only 30.5" tall, yet has a low note of one full octave below middle C. 

Dimensions: 30.5" x 20.5" x 8.5"

Approximate weight: 7  lb. depending on wood type

String range: C5 to G1

String spacing at middle C: 14.8 mm


$2264.00 Full Truitt levers. Recommended

$1885.00 CFB Truitt levers

Options not included in the above prices:

Harp case: $210.00

String set: $99.00

Harp stand: $140.00

Decorative rosettes: $90.00

Shipping: Inquire for charges


"Dear Cindy, My new Cameo 26 is wonderful! I don't see how it could look better than I even anticipated, but it does. I am so very grateful for your help in this process and for Mr. Blevins' craftsmanship." Keith R

"Oh Cindy what can I tell you? I just love this little harp (Cameo 26 in poplar wood). it is easier to play than I thought it would be, being she is so small and all. Having a ball playing on her and helping her stay in tune. I love the sound...amazing...and I can get her nice and loud too! For a little harp, I was a bit concerned she would sound tinny or plinky. But that's not even a thought now!" Jeane J, NV

"My lovely harp arrived today! (Cameo 26 in red-flamed box elder). I have tuned it up and could not wait to start playing it. You are right - it sounds very lively, but beautiful. I unpacked it at Mum's and tuned it there so they could hear it. They loved it. It is just beautiful (I know I already said that) but it is all I had hoped for. Thank you so much. And now back to my harp." Susan R, Australia

"I got the harp today and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Sounds great, looks great! Wonderful! I'll send some pics when I have more time. For now, thank you thank you thank you for a beautiful-looking and beautiful-sounding harp! Magnificent!" David E, IL about his Cameo 26

Cameo 26 Spalted Maple

Cameo 26 Spalted Maple

Cameo 26 Figured Maple

Cameo 26 Figured Maple