Pictured in rosewood stain.

Dimensions: 41" x 12"

Approximate weight: 15 lbs. dependng on wood type

String range: F5 to A2

String Spacing at Middle C: 14.30 mm


$2545.00 Full Truitt levers. Recommended

$2090.00 CFB Truitt levers

$2249.00 Full Loveland levers

$1829.00 CFB Loveland levers

Options not included in the above prices:

Harp Case $250.00

String Set $170.00

Optional legs package includes 4 legs with storage case. The legs increase the height of the harp by 16". $185.00

Shipping: Inquire for charges

"The harp arrived today, safe and sound. All my questions concerning its appearance gave way to sheer delight the moment I ripped open the box and removed it from its case. Absolutely gorgeous! After few initial tunings, the sound is just as heavenly. I'm smitten and hopelessly in love. Thanks for all your kindness, and for recommending the instructional materials, which I value tremendously. But above all, thanks for building such a beautiful, first-class instrument. The Erin 31 is indeed the harp I've always longed for." Murray S, MS