Pictured in Walnut.

Music is "Butterfly" from the book "Joyful," by Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins.

Dimensions: 36" x 11"

Approximate weight: 12 lbs. depending on wood type

String range: C5 to G1

String Spacing at Middle C: 15.30 mm


$2020.00 Full Truitt levers. Recommended

$1695.00 CFB Truitt levers

$1719.00 Full Loveland levers

$1465.00 CFB Loveland levers

Options not included in the above prices:

Spruce Soundboard $350.00

Harp case $230.00

String Set $ 90.00

Optional legs package includes 4 legs and storage case. These legs increase the height of the harp by 16": $165.00

Shipping: Inquire for charges

"Yesterday I received the new Melody 26. The workmanship is excellent, and color of the wood is very contemporary and the tone is powerful, more so than anything else around here." William W, MA