Meet Judith Ude


Judith Ude is an up-and-coming UK-based singer-songwriter. Last year, she released a song a month, each one featuring her Blevins harp. As a result, she was invited by the BBC to play Latitude Festival and the Dot to Dot Festival in the U.K. They have also featured her songs every month for the last year on multiple radio shows, which led to her being named the 3rd most played artist in the East Midlands.

Judith states, “I like to loop vocals and harp creating a soulful sound with African and electronic influences… I was excited when I came across your Reve 36 Harp, because it has the sound of a wooden harp but is very light and portable giving greater practicality and usability for live shows.  As a performer and producer, I love the idea of it being compact and gig-friendly whilst sounding like a much larger harp with greater creative potential. “

To hear a sample of her amazing work, go to: